Piers Morgan? Doesn't ring a bell

Ouch. Getting slapped down by Larry King has to hurt. Yes, he's only a wee slip of a man, but his words are weighty and quite frankly, we'd get out of his way if a verbal happy slapping match was on the cards. So how will Piers Morgan react at the news that Larry doesn't even know who he is?

Impossible. Piers Morgan is the new King of Chatmandu! He's just been signed to take over from Larry as the most famous talk pundit in America. Not only that, he's even guested on King's show a few times. How on earth can the elderly statesman of chat not remember....

Larry quipped: 'Most Americans wouldn't [know Morgan] unless you watch 'America's Got Talent.' And if you watch that, you only know him as a judge. You don't know him as a host....other than being a guest on my show, I've never watched 'America's Got Talent' and I don't know if I'd recognize him if he was walking down the street'.

Don't know if you'd recognise him? Larry - what do your trademark big glasses actually do? Piers - we suggest you pop round to Larry's and introduce yourself. Bad mouthing in the American press has been the downfall of many an eager Brit....

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