Piers asks Susan Boyle out on a dinner date

Oh dear. Piers Morgan has just slipped a couple of notches down the greasy fame pole, as he attempted to increase his profile by asking Susan Boyle on a date.

Speaking to Larry King, Piers told Boyle that her recent flirtatious comments to the media (in which she said she would prefer Piers to Simon as a potential suitor) hadn't gone unnoticed. Lucky Susan. He then took the bull by the proverbial horns and asked her out on a dinner date in London; (bound to be a private affair with no paps about to burst out of a giant cake.)

There followed a nice moment of embarrassment in which the time delay caused Susan to look like she didn't actually care about going out on a dinner date with Mr Piers Morgan at all. Piers chuckled shyly. Then Susan heard the question and duly responded.

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