Pierce Brosnan was caught with knife at airport because he needed to keep pencils sharp

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Actor Pierce Brosnan was in the headlines earlier this month after being caught at an airport carrying a knife. He has finally spoken out and explain why exactly he had such a forbidden item in his possession when flying and completely scoffed at the idea it was for hunting.

Transport Security Administration at Burlington Airport in Vermont discovered the knife in question when the former 007 star was about to board a flight. Reports suggested that the blade was 5 inches long and when the handle was unfolded the knife measured 10 inches in length leading to suspicions that it was a hunting knife.

However, Brosnan has refuted such suggestions saying "It wasn’t ten inches long!" He explained why he was carrying the weapon saying "I’m a painter. I’m an artist, so I had my pencils. The knife just went into the bag, you want to keep your pencils sharpened."

Pictures circulated in the media of an apparently furious Brosnan removing his belt at the security gate after the knife was found. Once the blade was confiscated, the actor was allowed to board the flight and continue his journey.

Brosnan was speaking at the premiere of his upcoming flick No Escape and was joined on the night by his 3 sons Sean, Dylan and Paris. The film also stars Luke Wilson and Lake Bell and is a caper about a businessman who gets stuck in a war zone with his family.

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