Pick me, Simon, pick me!

Since returning from 'The Worst Honeymoon In The World Ever', Katie Price has been a busy bee. First she appeared on Sky news to show off her latest botched surgery job, then she got all self-reflective, calling herself 'a product'. And now, she's lauched a bid to keep ailing Cheryl's seat warm on X Factor.

Katie told The Mirror, 'I think everyone wants to be a judge on that show. Simon knows where I am. I’m honest but some people will say: 'Why’s she’s doing it? What’s she got to with it? Blah, blah,' but I’ve still got ears and can still hear things and can see looks.’

Oh god, 'I have ears and can see looks' is the most pathetic job interview response we've ever heard. What are we saying, this could be comedy gold - give her the job Simon!

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