Pianist star switches to comedy

It takes real bravery to set off on a new career path. But that’s exactly what Adrien Brody is attempting to do. He’s set to star in a new comedy movie The Darjeeling Limited, alongside troubled funnyman Owen Wilson.

It’s a huge departure from the role that made Brody a star – his harrowing portrayal of The Pianist, netting him an Academy Award.

Plenty of Hollywood A-listers like to take their careers into unknown territory. Rubber-faced Jim Carrey made his name as the king of slapstick in the Ace Ventura movies before lurching into darker territory with excellent work in The Truman Show. And what about Dustin Hoffman?  After several decades making worthy movies like All the President’s Men and Midnight Cowboy he goes and steals the show in smutty gag-fest Meet the Fockers.

What next? Sean Penn in the next Carry On movie?

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