Stars rock out at The Brits

Perez goes furry
Peek a boo!
Legs that go on for miles
Legs that go on for miles
Leona oozes elegance
Show us your tats
Work that camera
Work that camera
Strike a pose
Ditto looks cool
Where's your dress gone?!
And another
Time for the LBD
Kaisers look serious
Oops, nearly dropped my clutch!
Big hair!
Giving the camera some
Does my bum look big in this?
Representing The Pool
Deer in the headlights
Nice jacket!
Cheryl on form
Girls Aloud..look loud!
The camera loves you Kelly
Cute dress
Cuddly Osbournes
Work that body
Sean Lennon loving it
Go on Amy!
Go on Amy!

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