Posh and Becks - living it up stateside

In't America exciting!
Tired from the journey
Work that pout
Work that pout
Enjoying the show
Queen waves to her subjects at Oscar De La Rentes
I love you Dave, I love you Vicky
I love you Dave, I love you Vicky
Look at our faaabulous friends
Shouldn't have worn those heels Katie
Will Smith and Tom Cruise throw a Welcome Team Beckham bash
Sneaky bum rub
Say cheeese!
Swing that bag
Ooops made a gaffe
Queen of the pitch
Just landed
This soccer thing's kinda boooring
Nooo Tom...you don't know the offside rule
Big ol lollypop head
Lovin my bum
A right pair of dummies
Madame Tussauds New York do Posh and Becks
Are we nearly there yet?
House hunting's soooo boring
Time for some shopping
Time for some shopping

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