Photo showing Kate Middleton's bare bottom published in Germany and Australia

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The rear end of the Duchess of Cambridge is causing quite a stir after an image of Kate Middleton's bare bottom was published last week by German publication Bild. The Sydney Daily Telegraph have followed suit this week and printed the image down under.

Kate and husband Prince William were taking a stroll in the Blue Mountains, just outside Sydney, on their recent visit to Australia when a gust of wind from a helicopter blew up the Duchess's dress. Unbeknownst to the her, a photographer was on hand to snap her exposed behind and Bild then quickly took the decision to publish the image.

The Sydney Daily Telegraph, which is owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, used the headline "Why should the media stick to an antiquated code of etiquette when Kate doesn’t bother to protect her own modesty?". This is in response to the UK print media's refusal to print any controversial images regarding the Royal family.

Bild published the image on their website last week along with a similar picture of Kate wearing a yellow dress which got blown up in a similar manner during a trip to Canada in 2011. Bild ran the story under the headline "Clothes Ban for Kate?".

The Royal family sued French magazine Closer in 2012 for publishing a topless picture of Kate sunbathing in France. In more positive news for the Royals, only last week word spread that Kate is pregnant for the second time and is expecting twin girls.

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