Phone interrupts Craig and Jackman on stage

A couple of inconsiderate audience members who left their phones on during a performance of 'A Steady Rain' on Broadway received a telling off from the play's two stars Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman.

The Hollywood stars who play two of celluloid's toughest characters, James Bond and Wolverine respectively, gave the audience a member a piece of their mind after constant ringing interrupted the performance.

Both actors remained in character, but a video of the incident shows that they lost patience after the audience member failed to answer or silence the phone leading to constant ringing. Jackman responded to the interruption: 'You wanna get that? Come on, just turn it off. Unless you've got a better story. You want to get up and tell your stories?'

Just a couple of minutes later another phone rang to which a visibly annoyed Craig responded: 'Just get the phone.' The pair can be applauded for not losing their cool and remaining in character. In contrast, back in 2005 veteran actor Richard Griffiths ordered an audience member to be thrown out of a West End theatre after her phone rang mid-performance.

Check out the video of Jackman and Craig responding to the rude interruption below.

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