Phillip Schofield talks about the days of booze and hookers

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Phillip Schofield seems to be on an ongoing quest to make himself vaguely interesting. The bland daytime TV presenter tried to reinvent himself as a hard-hitting interviewer recently when he confronted David Cameron about the Lord McAlpine rumours. That ended in embarrassment and a hefty damages payout. Now cleancut Pip has regaled us with vaguely salacious tales of his youthful exploits.

Schofield began his career as a kids TV host, but the way he tells it, in a chat with This Morning co-host Holly Willoughby, it was all about the booze and hookers. "It wasn’t a case of hiding it. I did the same as everybody else," Schofield said. "I was a lad; we partied a bit, but I didn’t hide anything. It’s just that nobody bothered to look in the right place."

Pressed to be a bit more explicit, Schofield had to admit that the hellraising days pretty much amounted to having a few pints down the local. "When I say partying, my weakness has always been booze. I never got much into drugs, because I wasn’t very good at it," he admitted. "We were simply getting leathered in Chiswick where we lived at the time. Everybody knew us and nobody was bothered, and nobody would tell. So I got away with it."

Chiswick, really, not exactly Sodom and Gomorrah is it? Piqued, Schofield recalled that time in Berlin. "We ended up drinking vodka, eating caviar with a couple of East German hookers," he said. "We got in the car and we drove through Checkpoint Charlie with these two East German hookers, no questions asked. God knows what the children’s television would have thought!"

It might have been worth watching Schofield trying to explain to Gordon the Gopher what a hooker was back then, but otherwise it pales into insignificance compared to Blue Peter bad boy Richard Bacon, who was sacked for dabbling with marijuana and cocaine. Try harder Phillip.

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