Peter Andre: watch out for doppelganger sex pest

A malevolent sex pest is lurking on social networking sites, trying to attract girls by posing as a consort of Jordan. But that's enough about Dane Bowers! Ahem, this week, Peter Andre has been forced to send out a warning to anyone foolish enough to engage in online conversations with a man who goes by the name of 'Peter Andre', as they are trying to lure girls into sending pictures of themselves. To be honest Pete, you needn't warn us, we'd steer well clear anyway.

The orange balladeer said, 'I’m not sure if you read about this, but I was absolutely furious to discover last week that a man has been pretending to be me on Facebook, in order to seduce vulnerable, young woman. He set up a fake account in my name and asked one girl to send him pictures of herself, along with her email address and phone number. He even tried to get her to meet up with him. I can’t stress enough how careful everyone should be when they’re chatting to people on the Internet. Luckily this girl realised this guy was a fake before it was too late but who’s to say this guy won’t try his luck with someone else. Just be careful everyone.'

Okay, thanks uncle Petey...

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