Peter Andre to date Alexandra Burke

Take this with a large bucketful of salt, but The Sun are reporting that Peter Andre and Alexandra Burke are planning a date together. The pop duo met on Tuesday when Alexandra appeared as a guest on the Paul O’Grady show, which Peter, and not Paul was hosting. The newspaper has a couple of ‘close pal’ quotes to back up the claim: 'I think she's really cool” said Peter, via his pal, 'she's seriously hot and once I've cooked for her, she won't be able to resist. Pete and Alex definitely have the hots for each other and things are gathering pace between them.'

If you're still sceptical, don't worry, there’s an ‘insider’ quote too: 'They have been in non-stop text contact since, flirting with each other over the phone. It has been getting pretty suggestive with Pete's plan to impress her in the kitchen. He has even tapped up some friends for a Jamaican recipe to get her sizzling this weekend.'

Will Alexandra get off on Peter's Jerk Chicken? If not maybe he could impress her with a GreekEnglian dish. Oh you don't know what that is? It's Pete's very own cookery fusion and an amalgamation of....Work it out.

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