Peter Andre terrified of Price's outrageous demands

It looks like the credit crunch might be biting round Petre Andre and Jordan's way. Vertically challenged Andre has told of his fear of Katie Price's increasingly outrageous demands on his purse strings, claiming that the glamour model he calls wife is quite literally costing him a fortune.

To date Andre has forked out for horses, diamonds, cars and the odd tropical island: the mere thought of walking past a shop hand in hand with Price now fills him with dread.

"We were walking through the islands looking at shops and I heard her go: 'Oh. My. God. I thought: 'Please don't let it be jewellery.' It turned out to be a gold and diamond watch."

Pussy whipped Pete then told how he snuck out to buy the offending items as soon as Price had turned her back - that or run the risk of her banging on about it all day until he caved in. Economic meltdown the world over needn't spell doom and gloom for all then.

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