Peter Andre: public marriage to Jordan was a mistake

Peter Andre has admitted that living out his relationship with Katie Price, aka Jordan, in public was a big mistake. The Australian singer made his first UK TV appearance since the celebrity couple split on This Morning where he faced a number of difficult questions about his marriage.

Have a listen to the interview here.

While Jordan gave a candid interview to Piers Morgan last week, Andre was more guarded with his answers to Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton making it clear that he wouldn't discuss the reasons behind the split in order to protect the couple's children.

The musical genius behind hits such as 'Mysterious Girl' and 'Insania' expressed his regret for living out his romance with Jordan in the public eye: "It's our fault. We can't complain about privacy. I know I'm going to make mistakes along the way, because you do. Showing your life so public is a mistake sometimes, but I blame myself as much as anyone else."

But fans of the crooner and reality TV star will be happy to know that Pete is channelling all of his energies into looking after his kids, recording a new album and working on a new reality show.

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