Peter Andre named in couple's divorce

Peter Andre, a man who appears to have gained the status of a knight since he started doing things men up and down the country do every day (dealing with mental ex-partners, taking care of their kids), is due to be named in the divorce papers of two no-mark TV presenters.

QVC ‘star’ Lee Clark said that he is divorcing his wife Pollyanna Woodward because of over 100 flirty text messages from the ‘pop star’ that he discovered on her phone. Naughty. For his part Andre says that he cut off contact with her once he found out that she was married: ‘All he did was exchange some texts with a woman who said she was single,’ said his spokesperson. ‘As soon as he learned she was married he ended the friendship and changed his number.’

‘One of the messages Peter sent my wife said, ‘I'm lying in my 8ft bed alone. Bored. Wish you were here’,’ said Clark. ‘She replied, ‘I'm lying in my 6ft bed all alone too’. In another text Polly told Peter, ‘Love you millions. Can't wait to go shopping for your Xmas pressie. We'll have loads of fun and a great day’.

‘That's why I'm divorcing her and naming Peter in the petition. This marriage was perfect until he started texting my wife. We were blissfully happy. But he turned her head and then her heart.’

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