Peter Andre: I cried myself to sleep following split

Peter Andre has admitted that he cried himself to sleep in the wake of the breakup to his marriage to Katie Price, aka Jordan, but hopes that the experience will make him "a better man".

While Price is reported to be already be seeing cage-fighter Alex Reid, Andre told the News Of The World that he is not ready to enter into a new relationship.

"I wish I was stronger. The one thing about Katie is that she can just move on. I can't do that. Well, not yet anyway," the 36-year-old singer told the NOTW before insisting that he has never cheated on his estranged wife: "I never cheated on her, from the moment that I met her until, well, I still haven't."

Andre also spoke about suffering a breakdown while out on a shopping trip after realizing that his relationship with Price, with whom he has three children, was over: "It all just suddenly hit me in the Ikea car park. I had to go home, and that night I cried myself to sleep."

The genius behind Mysterious Girl added: "I'm still in a tunnel and can't see the light yet, but I know it's there. I know I'll get there and come out a stronger man - a better man."

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