Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh have a new baby girl

Peter Andre has fathered a third child, his first with Emily MacDonagh. His other two children, Junior who’s eight and Princess who’s six, were with Katie Price. His new baby is his second daughter. Both the baby and his girlfriend Emily MacDonagh are doing fine.

As you’d imagine, Andre used his official website to spread the joyful news of his new arrival saying: “Now that I have had the opportunity to tell Junior & Pringles, we are very happy to announce the safe arrival of our beautiful baby girl:) We are extremely thrilled and mum and bubba are doing fine. We are looking forward to a nice quiet couple of weeks getting to know our baby. Thanks to everyone at Musgrove Park Hospital :)))."

There were a bunch of Twitter reports in the lead up to the new arrival, not all of which were from the former pop star. Some were reports from others who had spotted Andre and MacDonagh at their hospital in Somerset on 7th January. One onlooker at the time posted this tweet: “Peter Andre is in the hospital I work at with Emily and his baby daughter omg.”

There’s even a Facebook page dedicated to Andre’s new kid called “Breaking News Somerset and Beyond” it reported this: “It seems a celebrity has had a baby at a Somerset hospital."

Lucky old Peter Andre, 40, and his 23 year old girlfriend Emily have been dating for nearly two years. They chose to have the kid at the Somerset hospital to be close to her family. Emily’s a Bristol University graduate whose father’s a surgeon. The couple met through the father when Andre had an operation in 2010 to remove kidney stones.

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