Pete thrills

If one more popstar does a Michael Jackson impression.....Oh, one just did: come on down Mr Peter Andre. The Mysterious Boy has trussed up as the late legend and the pics are fantastic (for all the wrong reasons). Take a look here.

The Daily Mail informs us that Peter may have got the inspiration to do 'a Jacko' from his recent near death experience. Diagnosed with kidney stones, he was left writhing on the floor 'thinking he was going to die.' Only days later, he was given the all clear, so what did he do? Popped on his tight leathers and perfected his moonwalk. Atta boy Pete.

We love it when stars imitate each other. Anthea Turner was great as Madonna. But our all time favourite was Lorraine Kelly doing Lady Gaga - we still can't tell the difference. Soz Pete, it's been done before.

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