Pete plumbs new depths of TV awfulness

In a breathtakingly poor piece of TV commissioning, Channel 4 have decided to give the kindly moron that is Peter Andre his very own chatshow - where he's paid to talk, articulate his own questions and everything. This is the same Channel 4 that recently declined to give Jonathon Ross a show. Insania....

According to a source close to Peter: 'He’s a natural and is delighted that Channel 4will give him free licence to grill his guests in an irreverent way. It will be a late night format aimed at the 16 to 30s. So he won’t have to mind his Ps and Qs and can have some fun in a series that’s due to air just before Ross quits his BBC work.'

We have two comments for the 'source close to Peter' - how dare you mention Andre and Jonathan Rossin the same breath. And secondly, 'licence to grill'? Back to punning school for you!

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