Pete Dough-erty

Pete Doherty, performing on stage for the first time since the mysterious death of heiress Robin Whitehead, has been pelted with bagels by disgruntled audience members in Russia. According to a report in the Daily Mail Pete, who was appearing at a swanky night club in Moscow, kept his fans including billionaire Roman Abramovich waiting for over an hour.

When the pasty faced troubadour finally made it on stage, dough missiles were promptly launched. Apparently unfazed, Pete picked the bagels from the floor and ate them. 'He had his eyes shut and an expressionless and vacant look on his face,' reported one guest - 'vacant' being Pete's default look. He then rounded off a memorable night by shouting obscenties and throwing vodka at a female journalist.

Kate - are you kicking yourself at letting this eligible bachelor slip through the net...?

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