Pete Doherty winds up in prison

So Pete Doherty woke up this morning to the sound of a big key being turned in his door and a screw banging a saucepan for breakfast.

And just as it goes for lots of repeat petty crims, it was something a bit silly and not all that terrible that caught Doherty out in the end. Whereas driving while chonged and in possession of crack, smack and ketamine got Pete a slap on the shin and a suspended jail sentence in October, it was bunking off a couple of probation visits that really got the judge's goat and clinched Pete his 14 week sentence.

So like thousands of Brits this year, Pete won't be sitting on hold for hours trying to get himself a ticket for Glastonbury And there'll be no solo gigging at The Royal Albert Hall this month either - a performance which could have marked his comeback as a serious artist and not just Kate Moss's mess of an ex.

Still, all things considered, all the wily evasion of the law he's managed over the past couple of years, and all the fun he's had in the process, a few weeks in the can will probably do him good. And if he tidies his cell nicely and mucks out his slop pan like a good boy, he might even be out for Glasto.

Yes we've seen it a million times before but Pete the teenager's pre fame charisma still tickles us every time.

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