Pete Doherty was very very in love with Kate Moss

It was obvious that Pete Doherty was desperately in love with Kate Moss when they were going out but just never got round to telling her. Well now he's pouring his heart out to lads mag Loaded in the hope that Moss might pick up a copy from the newsagent and realise that she is still, actually in love with him.

"We haven't spoken since we broke up. When you split up with someone, someone you're seriously in love with, it takes a lot of time before you even realise that you're upset. You know? It just hits you" Yes it does.

Apart from his cat collection Pete says he's remained resolutely single since splitting with Kate, despite having gone out with Kate's best pal Petra whateverhernameis and playing away with an Italian model and a South African one. Still, single in the sense that he hasn't invited any girl up on stage with him or written any songs about anyone else since Kate, that kind of single.

The Loaded interview sounds suspiciously like a 'very badly wounded but still alive and will you take me back' cry concealed as harmless nostalgia. But Pete's missed the Ibiza flight on this one - Kate's on the party island making babies as we speak!

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