Pete Doherty heading for dole queue

Pete Doherty must be gutted he passed up 60K to watch his pregnant cat give birth recently - because he's now so brassic that the dole queue is only a hair's breadth away.

According to The Mirror, Pete's company French Dog Blues only made a profit of £3,564 last year - while Babyshambles Ltd managed to run up losses of £8030. Although after coming out of prison Doherty moaned publicly that all the Babyshambles cash had 'disappeared,' and that he would launch his own private investigation to find out where it had gone - he forgot. And since then has failed to drum up any more significant funds (aside from a measly 20K from touring.)

Tinned chick peas and supernoodles all round it is then. Great for grimy creativity - not so great for living like a rockstar!

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