Pete Doherty - getting back with Kate Moss?

So Kate Moss and Jamie Hince have hit the all too depressing 'shagfest over, now I've realised you're actually really boring' phase, and Pete Doherty's circling like a famished vulture just waiting to peck at the crumbs.

Pete has been sending Kate realms of romantic texts encouraging her to ditch Hince the stand-in and get back with him. And Kate's biting. "Over the last three nights he and Kate have texted each other until the early hours. Pete's been showing the texts to mates and thinks he is on the verge of winning her back but his mates aren't convinced" a source told the Mirror.

Hince is fuming and determined to do anything in his power to keep the peculiar but potent charms of Pete Doherty at arms length - but something tells us he's going to have to call on all his powers of pest control for this one. Is Hince about to lose his best catch ever?

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