Pete Doherty - evicted from mansion

From feast to famine. Pete Doherty's been evicted from his Wiltshire mansion. Because his landlord popped in for a routine maintenance check and found walls smeared with blood and felt tip scribblings. And a pack of cats running riot - pooing and scratching and doing exactly what mogs do when there's no human slave on hand to serve them. Lovely!

Inside sources also say pals of Pete dropped by to rob whatever might be worth a farthing or two down the swap shop in order to settle drug IOU's. Leaving Lord Doherty very very brassic - and very very homeless.

Thankfully Pete's still got a roof over his head in the BigNaughtyHouse for the next few weeks... where the walls might be a urine yellow colour and the prison garb as dull as pumpkin soup. But at least it's not littered with cat-poo. Yuck!

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