Pete and Wino – Duet of the Century cancelled

Britney’s train-wreck performance at the VMAs last month was embarrassing for all concerned. So we were amused to hear that MTV bosses were lining up another interesting performance for tonight’s European Music Awards. 

Who were they looking to pair? Slash and Ronnie Wood? Brandon Bloc and Danny Tourette? Nope. Ex-recreational-drug-user Pete Doherty and drunken diva Amy Winehouse, no less. The two were odds-on favourites not to show for a duet at last night's ceremony, hosted by Snoop Dogg in Munich.

Insiders reckon they’ve been jamming together for a long time, just waiting for the right time to do a performance. So?

Sadly, realising Doherty and Winehouse are about as reliable as a pre-1973 Alfa Romeo’s big end, the powers-that-be pulled the (un)plug. What a waste of a perfect opportunity for MTV to shed the squeaky-clean image of its anodyne award shows. Not ‘alf, pop-pickers!

Wonder if those two will ever do a duet? 

 (Image: from aussiegall’s Flickr stream) 

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