Perry litigious

It must be hard being a mega-rich pop super star with a mega-rich TV and movie star husband; not only are you almost always apart, but you’re also the subject of savage tabloid rumour, which will only put your marriage under strain and make those dastardly gossip rags loads of cash printing whatever lies they can get away with.

So you can understand why Katy Perry has taken stern legal against Australian muck rakers News Weekly: the magazine more or less accused Perry of cheating on husband Russell Brand with her record producer Benny Blanco. In the feature they published, they claim a friend or hers told them that she saw her kissing Blanco when they were recording ‘California Gurls’ and that they spent time alone in her hotel room during the Grammy Awards

‘By reason of the publication of the article the plaintiff has been gravely injured in her reputation and feelings (and) has suffered distress, embarrassment and humiliation,’ read the star’s legal claim. Seems fair enough really, doesn’t it?

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