Perfect sound for the hardest of miles

Professionals were at work during the development of these new Sports earphone series, which features five revolutionary new models designed by audio specialist Sennheiser together with sports equipment manufacturer Adidas and tested by professional athletes. Not only the lightweight design and the comfortable fit received positive feedback, the premium quality of the headsets, the overall finish and the sturdiness of materials used were also highly appreciated.

A particular highlight is the positive feedback regarding the sound performance: many athletes complimented the earphone’s clear sound and bass reproduction. Due to their sturdy materials, these headphones are the ideal sports partners, even in the most extreme situations. They feature an extremely robust cable and their innovative water protection system effectively shields the earphones against sweat and rain. After training, the earphones can simply be rinsed under the tap.

Watch this video to find out more about the perfect sound for the hardest of miles!

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