Perez Hilton 'laptop samurai' to interview stars at EMAs

Self professed web samurai Perez Hilton has just popped another feather in his cap; he's been invited to interview the stars at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Perezelicious will interview popsters for a live webcast as they arrive on the red carpet and backstage as awards are announced, at the show on November 6th in Liverpool's Echo Arena.

"MTV is bringing Russell Brand to America to bring a little bit of British flair to the VMAs as their host next month. And now, they're bringing ME to the UK to bring my very own Perezciousness to all of Europe. I am honoured and thrilled to be involved with the Europe Music Awards. I've watched the show every year from the US, but this will be my first time attending and presenting, so that's especially exciting" said Perez with typical understatement.

The king of snarky sleblogging is delighted about his ascension into the higher echelons of the industry he so cheerily dissects, but will his interviewees give him as much love as he gives them on his website? Lily Allen's bound to have more than a big FU for the man who ripped her to shreds during a recent visit to the States, and Wino won't be much more welcoming. Still, better Perez Hilton than Myleene Klass!

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