People for the Ethical Treatment of Stars

A few weeks back we reported that website Perezhilton offered you the option to Banish Britney as the news was saturated with stories concerning the troubled star. Now gossip website Holy Moly has decided to do something very similar, but for decidedly more noble reasons. 

Everyone has noticed that media hounding is really getting out of hand and now it seems the websites that buy these photos are cracking down, only buying photos of celebrities when “on-duty”.

So what constitutes an on or off-duty celeb? On-duty celebrities are those at press launches, premieres, and "idiots who go to places like The Ivy ... for a quiet bite to eat”. Also on are those who set up "blatant photo opportunities" where the paps are tipped off. Other than that Holy Moly will not publish the pictures. So shots of celebs going about their daily business and celebrities with their children and people "in distress" at being photographed are off of their pages. Fair-trade celebrity gossip if you like – no stars were hurt in the making of their photos…

However it’s not just up to the sites, we in turn have to stop clicking on the less ethical ones to show our disgust at the constant media intrusion. Let’s set up an organisation- PETS – People for the Ethical Treatment of Stars! Now, we need someone who looks good for the paps to front it… Call Lynne Franks!

(Image: from jonrawlinson’s flickr stream)

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