Penelope Cruz in line to be the latest Bond Girl in Bond 24

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Bond 24 is due to go into production this summer and this means that the rumour mill is in overdrive as to what we can expect from the latest Bond offering. Penelope Cruz has been reported to have signed up to play a role in the movie and this has gotten fans very excited as she has all the tools to play a great Bond girl.

Cruz will not only be joining an exclusive club of dozens of pretty Bond girls but also following in her husbands footsteps. Javier Bardem played the bad guy in Skyfall and played it to perfection it must be said so if Penelope needs any advice then she can be sure to get some over the dinner table.

It has long been rumoured that, since the latest Bond reboot began with the Daniel Craig era, Cruz was top of the wanted list for the last 3 films. Unfortunately though, the timing was never right with Penelope having 2 children recently with Bardem.

Bond 24 will have a familiar feel to the incredibly successful Skyfall with writer John Logan returning to pen the script again. Daniel Craig has also appealed to Adele to sing the theme song after her hard hitting and Oscar winning rendition of the Skyfall theme.

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It was announced last year that Sam Mendes will return to direct Bond 24 after his very successful work on Skyfall. Fans will be grateful for the bit of continuity and it will be interesting to see what he comes up with this time around.

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