Penelope and Scarlett: lesbian film clinch

It seems, despite being shacked up with Oscar winner Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz is doing more and more sexual experimentation – on screen that is. First we had her snogging her own sister, for her brother’s music video (wrong in soooo many ways) and now she’s getting down and dirty in her new film.

Directed by Woody Allen, the flick has Penelope Cruz in a lesbian sex scene with sexy starlet Scarlett Johansson. The scene, for Vicky Cristina Barcelona (did he mean Vicky and Cristina Do Barcelona?), is very raunchy, with a source saying: "It is also extremely erotic. People will be blown away and even shocked. Penelope and Scarlett go at it in a red-tinted photography dark room, and it will leave the audience gasping."

But we’re sure boyfriend Javier doesn’t mind his girlfriend’s on-screen cheating, especially as later on in the film there’s another sex scene involving him, Penelope and Scarlett Johansson! Lucky blighter. Check out the trailer

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