Peaches - the new Jezza Kyle?

Peaches Geldof is not exactly renowned for being level headed, or a shining example of dynamic, intelligent youth - so we were surprised to hear she's being lined up as the next Jeremy Kyle with a dash of Trisha thrown in for good measure. What she lacks in brain power, however, she makes up for in experience of teenage life - yes, because every teen has been through marriage at 19, rumoured drug addiction, flirtation with Scientology, the trauma of a huge trust fund. Y'know - the classic problems of youth.

An insider told The Sun, 'Although the pilot won't be broadcast, if it goes well it will lead to a series being commissioned. It is being described internally as a Jeremy Kyle-style talkshow for teenagers - with lots of controversy and confrontation. Everyone has high hopes for it.'

Let's be honest - it'll be incredibly awful, heart-stopping car crash telly. Sign her pronto, ITV, before she gets swallowed up by Scientology.

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