Peaches & Pete Doherty :alone in a bedroom together

Will Bob Geldof be holding a crisis family meeting to address the burgeoning problem of Peaches soon? What, buying valium again? Drunk and disorderly? Nope.Something much much worse - hanging round with Pete Doherty. Collective gasp.

Peaches and Pete spent approximately 'several hours' round Pete Doherty's East London flat last week, having fun and doing god knows what. A Sun source claims that at one point they even went into a bedroom together, alone, and noone heard any noises or knew what they were up to, but think they were probably snogging. Or at the very least cuddling.

Celebs either flock to other celebs in order to increase their own profile (in Peaches case), or to look cooler (in Peaches case). Hanging round with Doherty might be a bit scummy, but it's probably lots of fun and pays dividends in column inches and street cred,

But what's in it for Pete? We could understand him knocking about with Amy Winehouse (two fellow musicians in a slump) but how could Peaches Geldof possibly serve him? .....By being a worse Mockney than he is that's how. Takes the heat off Pete. Mystery solved. Next!

Check out Pete chatting to some mockneys he bumped into in Amsterdam.

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