Peaches, Leah and Kimberley in the nip for Tatler

If you're the spawn of a rocker and don't really have much else to do with your time, posing naked on the front cover of a magazine is always a good way to keep up your profile.

Kimberley Stewart, the usually reclusive Leah Wood and Peaches I'll Do Anything For Fame Geldof have appeared on the front cover of Tatler, all entwined in a ball of over-indulged naked celebrity-kid privilege. Peaches and Kimberley politely mask Leah Woods' pregnant stomach with their legs. How kind.

Yes everyone who's not really anyone does it for the attention (and when the girls are 'posh' like these lot then all the more highbrow) but naked female celebs posing on the front cover of glossies for the sake of 'art'? Blaaaaah. And blaaah again.

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