Peaches Gets-em-off

It's the question on literally no one's lips - is Peaches Geldof's tan real? Having been pictured at a Nylon magazine party in Hollywood looking more like a mahogany table than a human being, shy and retiring Peaches took to twitter to resolve the debate. She posted a raunchy picture of herself in a bikini - boobs firmly hoiked together, Lolita shades in place, tan on show. The Daily Mail po-facedly observed, 'The bronzed socialite also made a political statement during her tanning session, by supporting the USA in a stars-and-stripes bikini.'

Perhaps Peaches, having lost her Ultimo contract, has taken inspiration from such luminaries as Joss Stone and Peter Andre - who, having lost their music contracts, keep churning out songs, blind to the fact the the nation has closed its ears. And so it is with Peaches; it doesn't matter that she's no longer paid to pose in her undies, the pictures will keep on coming...

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