Peaches Geldof ; overdoses then goes to Dark Knight premiere

So exactly what people thought would happen if Peaches Geldof carried on doing recreational uppers and downers - just did.

According to The Sun, Peaches Geldof overdosed on Sunday afternoon. She fell unconscious, lost her heartbeat for a few minutes, and had to be chest pumped and resuscitated back to life by a friend. Emergency services dashed to the scene to make sure she was back in the land of the living - and were then treated to a bollocking by Peaches about 'respecting her privacy.' Peaches refused to go to hospital in order to undergo further checks in case Bob Geldof found out.

Number one, the whole thing sounds a wee bit embellished. A person whose heart has just clinically stopped for several minutes and has to be given the kiss of life but doesn't get taken to hospital? Hmmmmm. Number two, refusing treatment lest Bob Geldof find out? Bit late for that! If he didn't wrench the info straight from the horses mouth then he'd get it over his cornflakes from the nation's favourite tabloid in the morning.

Doubtless Peaches was doing something she shouldn't have been doing on a Sunday afternoon, but doubtless it wasn't as bad as is being made out. Not since she was fighting fit and back on the red carpet at The Dark Knight premiere on Monday. Now that's a true silver spooner!

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