Peaches Geldof : enjoyed dwarf sex show in Amsterdam

We've all been there. Wandering around Amsterdam looking for a nice cozy cafe to park up in for the eve, and next thing you know you've got ringside seats to a live dwarf sex show.

That's right, Peaches Geldof, the girlwoman/model wife who's done most everything there is to do in the world by age 19, has added another string to her bow, dwarf sex.

Peaches has told Closer Magazine how she enjoyed a pint sized sex show while on the prowl in Amsterdam's infamous red light district. "I spent one night there in the red-light district. We ended up in a club watching a live sex show with dwarves. It was a laugh – but also just a bit disturbing' (closer). For who, Peaches, or the poor dwarves?!

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