Peaches Geldof ditches Max for Chrimbo with Bob

Ah, here's a heartwarming little story to toast on the Christmas fire. Christmas in the Geldof house is lovely, and Bob goes all out to make it that way.

Peaches Geldof, family foghorn/publicity hogger has spoken out about her decision to ditch hubby Max Drummey for the festive season in favour of a traditional family bash at Bob's in Kent. Rather than the tantrums and tiaras of a Christmas with 4 daughters you'd think it might be, Christmas at Poppa Geldof's sounds pretty damn special. In fact we want to go.

"My dad takes Christmas very seriously because he had a very deprived Irish childhood, so he loves to go all-out to compensate. I think it's more for him, but it's very sweet. He leaves stockings for us all at the end of the bed." Bless.

She continued: "It's like... er, dad I am almost 20, really! And then he puts all the presents under the tree and we open them in the morning. My dad does all the cooking and we have a turkey dinner, and sit in front of the log fire. My sisters and I say we are going to put on our eating pants and we put on elasticated trousers!"

Even celebrities don nasty housewear in order to maximise eating potential. Peaches Geldof, for once, we're impressed.

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