Peaches Geldof buying drugs?

Peaches Geldof has been caught on candid camera stocking up her medicine cabinet - and not just with everyday pharmaceuticals. The News of The World and The Sun have come by a grainy video of Peaches allegedly buying drugs from a 'celebrity' drug peddler called Johnny Blagrove in the early hours of the morning in London.

Peaches meets Johnny, (a pal of Blake-Fielder Civil - and Amy Winehouse's alleged dealer) on the street in central London before going into an office with him and a friend to get down to nitty gritty. She tells Johnny she needs 'all that stuff tonight' and that she also needs valium tomorrow, but will have to do him an IOU because she doesn't have all the cash on her. Peaches and her pal scrape together £140 between them but are still left owing £50 to Johnny who says 'I can do that for you - have a nice night people' and gets back to work. The clip of Peaches was found on a computer memory stick alongside another infamous Sun bestseller - a video of Amy Winehouse allegedly puffing a crack pipe...

So while police are gearing up to grill Peaches, Bob Geldof is probably pacing the house like a panther. After the tragic death of ex wife Paula Yates in 2000 from a heroin overdose, Bob has said if he ever caught Peaches getting stuck into class A's he'd go 'fu*king ballistic'.

This is one jam Peaches'll have a job getting out of

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