Peaches drenched with lager

Peaches 'I Am The Daughter of Someone Famous, Therefore I Am' Geldof, had a pint of beer poured over her head at the weekend. Can we get an haaaa, sorry an ahhhh.

According to The Sun, security at the Bungalow 8 nightclub in London were called after a male clubber tipped a jar of the brown sticky stuff over Peaches because she had accused him of nicking her mate's shoes. (Because her friend wouldn't have noticed someone taking them off her feet and running away?)

Peaches arrived around 2am and was having a good time. But then she had a disagreement with a male punter over a pair of shoes. She thought they belonged to her friend, when in fact they belonged to his mate. Everything seemed sorted but then he came back later and poured his beer over her head."

Cue lots of foot stamping and calling of the police. However after a 30/40 min photo-op in which security calmed Peaches down and assured her noone had in fact touched anyone's shoes, the huffy young socialite was all smiles again. Reports that Peaches actually started the fight by lobbing a shoe at the man have been hotly contested.

Because that doesn't sound like the sort of thing Peaches would do does it?

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