Peaches chucks another strop

So we’re pretty used to celebrities throwing diva strops. There’s Naomi with her phone-flinging, J Lo’s ridiculous requests and Mariah “I don’t do stairs” Carey. But there’s one thing we can’t stand and that’s when prima donna demands come from the mouths of Z-listers.

Peaches Geldof at The Gossip concert on Sunday night threw a massive tantrum when she realised she didn’t have a VIP pass. Not happy just being able to enter the already sold-out venue, she threw away her tickets rather than giving them to one of the true Gossip fans who queued outside in the desperate chance of merely grabbing a glimpse of lead singer Beth Ditto. Peaches obviously hasn’t inherited any of her dad’s charitable nature…

So Peeeeaches - what do you actually do? You can’t sing, you can’t act, and your attempts at DJing are laughable. In fact, the only reason you’d stand out in a crowded room is because of that face you pull when you talk – and let’s face it no one’s made a career out of having a wonky face.(Well, except for maybe Katie Holmes…)

Oh Peaches – we can’t wait for your 15 minutes to be up.

(Image: from YouTube)

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