P-Diddy to appear in Sex and The City sequel

P-Diddy wants a role in the Sex and the City movie sequel. Bored with the mundanity of making squillions everyday in the music biz, Diddy has decided films are the next logical step.

And when Puffy waves his magic wand, big movie wigs hop. They're already locked in talks about slipping him a role next to Sarah Jessica Parker and the gals in the Sex and The City movie sequel. CHECK OUT SEX AND THE CITY MOVIE SET PICS

And Puffy's taking it seriously. So seriously he's pestering ex J-Lo for acting tips. (Not the best timing when she's got a twin clamped to each nip but bless him for trying)

And lord knows he needs it. P Diddy's minor role in the wretchedly awful Carlito's Way sequel could hardly have clinched him a Best Breakthrough Performance gong at The Oscars. OSCAR WINNER PHOTOS Not that it'll bother Diddy though. He's probably got more pressing things on his mind - like how many blinging rocks to buy with the loot he rakes in.

.......Or which of the SATC girls he might get a piece of? The safe money's on Samantha - although we've always thought Miranda's a bit of a frisker when she wants....

Check out Puffy getting his sexy groove on

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