P-Diddy chucks unbelievably massive party

There's no point being famous for having big eff off parties and wearing lots of jewels if you don't actually do that on a regular basis - in the full glare of the world's media.

So P-Diddy's having a mega shindig Friday night to celebrate his entrance into the Hollywood Hall of Fame. The bash will pay homage to Diddy's tumultuous journey from pauper to Prince - and will be called the "From Harlem to Hollywood Party" See what he did there.

Piddly's got 10 private jets on standby to ferry guests such as Pharell Williams, The Beckhams, Eva Longoria, TomKat etc to the megabash. Guests will guzzle over £200,000 worth of posh French vodka and graze on seafood platters - while gasping in awe at the 300 white lily arrangments adorning the party.

Not one to draw unneccesary attention to himself, Diddy's persuaded David Beckham to record a video message to him (to be beamed out mid bash) saying what a swell, rich guy he is. Jamie Foxx will also be tapping fork to glass in an emotional speech about..what a swell rich guy Diddy is. We smell a theme!

Only one question left for Peebrain to ponder - what to wear to his ball? "Five different custom-made Sean Jean outfits: a tux, a smoking jacket, a pimp suit, a top hat and tails and a pyjama combo for when Diddyman flags" should do it. (The Mirror) 

Crrrrazy party buffalo.

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