Payday for Alex

Katie Price is probably rueing the day that she ever set eyes on the orange cage-fighting, Celeb BB-winning beast that is Alex Reid. For one, he's about to clean out her bank account with gusto, and all for a year's worth of marriage misery. According to lawyers, Reid could come away from 365 Jordan-filled days with £10 million in his back pocket.

According to a chatty pal (with friend's like these, eh?), Alex said,'I am going nowhere until she pays me the cash I deserve.' The 'friend' continued, 'The divorce is still very much on track and Kate’s feelings about Alex remain the same. Alex isn’t sleeping, he is twitchy and just has no grasp on reality. It’s as though he thinks this is all one big game that will just disappear.'

Lawyer David Osbourne has stated that Reid will be in for a lottery win, 'The outcome is by no means certain but I would predict that Alex will come away with something like £10 million – a third, maybe, of what she is worth. All her belongings will go into the pot and count towards the settlement.' Meanwhile, a friend of Price's told the press, 'Kate has worked hard to build up an inheritance for her kids and there is no way she will just hand over a bundle of cash to Alex.'

Um, sorry love, it looks like you might have to give up more than a bundle...

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