Paula Hamilton in court for assaulting a police officer and a sunflower

Former supermodel and reality TV star, Paula Hamilton has appeared in court accused of assaulting a police officer at her Buckinghamshire home. She allegedly landed blows on Dominic Matheson in the early hours of September 29 last year after he responded to reports that she was threatening to kill herself.

So far, so drunken celebrity. But here is where it begins to get interesting.

Ms Hamilton stands accused of sunflower abuse. Reports have it that she mercilessly tore the head off an innocent sunflower before punching Matheson. She insists she was trying to give him the flower as a gift.

That awkward moment when you try to present someone with a flower before smacking them one and finding yourself in the dock.

Bizarrely – she seems to have fixated on the sunflower episode as the central plank of her defence. She told Aylesbury Magistrates' Court in one of the most random invocations of a forensic authority: "I can prove through Prince Charles, through his estate, that unless you have secateurs you cannot cut a sunflower at that time of the season.

"I would never, ever use a sacred sunflower - our family crest - to hurt anybody. It was a present. I misbalanced on my feet because I had four toes broken. The only toe that wasn't broken was my big toe. I lost my balance.

And it got weirder : "I'm an anthropologist, a philanthropist. I would never use my family crest to assault a police officer, that would be sacrilege.

"I have 11 brothers and sisters and 18 nieces and nephews. We were going to come and fill this court room full of flowers but we thought it might upset you."

She admits being a bottle of wine to the good when the incident occurred, but claimed "The policeman dead-armed each arm and stamped on my broken foot again. He knew what he was doing, he had seen the police report of my injuries. He knew I am a climber and he knew who I was. He wanted his name in the papers. They took me to the police station in a coat - no underwear, nothing. I'm so sorry for wasting your time over a sunflower. I would never hurt a police officer, I'm pro-police."

The case was adjourned until later in the month.

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