Paul Sculfor treats Cameron Diaz to a weekend in Essex

Here's hoping Paul Sculfor's parents don't subject Cameron Diaz to any 'meet the parents' style grilling (lie detector tests, verification of school qualifications etc) when he ships her to the deepest bowels of Essex to meet his folks this month.

Sculfor is so smitten by Diaz he's treating her to a romantic break in Upminster so that parents George and Jean can finally meet the star. (The olds never got round to meeting Jennifer Aniston before beloved son Paul traded her in for a better model).

Sculfor has already moved into Diaz's mansion in LA - a far cry away from his humble beginnings hullking bags of concrete on the streets of Essex. The hunky piece of man meat orginally rose to fame as a male model in the early nineties, but is now known for little more than his ability to bed prize Hollywood totty. The ladies of La La Land are like putty in his hand when they hear his monotonous Essex drone. Bon voyage Cam and Paul!

Check out Paul Sculfor in the Levis ad which catapulted him to fame

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