Paul Sculfor bags Cameron Diaz

Paul Sculfor's having a busy couple of years. First he was a brickie, then a model, now a Brit abroad whose only day job is to work on his tan and bed beautiful Hollywood women. Nice work if you can get it.

Paul has carved an impressive portfolio of bedded beauties, including Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Snowdon and Shaznay Lewis, but has now reeled in his biggest catch to date - Cameron Diaz. Sculfor whisked Diaz off for a posh Italian the other night, during which time he wowed her with building site funnies and she flashed her baps (but not in an obvious way) while laughing much too loudly at all his jokes. A woman on the verge of giving her game away.

After dinner they then walked slowly to Sculfor's 4 x 4, Cameron still chuckling at his knock knock jokes, eyes glued to his tremendous form. Sculfor threw her the odd furtive glance, but was otherwise totally focused on pretending to dodge paps and looking good. There's no denying it, this man is a smooth operator. Is it just the Essex accent, or is there something else lurking mysteriously under the surface? Big...personality? Surely not.

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