Patz entertainment!

If you made your name playing a pasty, but pretty vampire, then Halloween is your kind of festival. So it makes sense that Robert Pattinson is pulling out all the stops for a memorable 31st October. According to chatty sources, R-Pattz is throwing a party for his Twilight comrades.

A source told Perez Hilton, 'Rob's organizing a huge soiree to celebrate Halloween, he thinks it is going to be hilarious for them all to dress up in scary costumes. The crew are huge fans of Rob and are really looking forward to it. Rob knows how much they all love Halloween so has really gone to town. He's asked a couple of costume designers he knows to make special ghoul costumes for his guests.'

We know that our invite's in the post, but just to set your mind at rest Robbo - we're coming, and we've got our costume sorted. Our classic 'Jackie Stallone' disguise never fails to disappoint...

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