Patsy Kensit slurs her way through This Morning interview

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Celebrity voyeurism chapter 876: Patsy Kensit. The singer turned soap star turned up on the execrable This Morning to plug her autobiography, and seemed a little worse for wear, slurring and stuttering her way through an excruciating interview with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. Twitter immediately overflowed with fake concern.

Ok, it wasn't all fake concern. Some suggested she was drunk. One user tweeted: "What is up with patsy kensit on @itvthismorning ?! She's doing a Kerry Katona" - a reference to the Iceland mum's notorious 2011 appearance which she put down to medication for bipolar disorder.

Kensit's spokesperson also attributed the actress's erratic performance to a medical condition. "'Patsy's been very open that following her recent emergency hysterectomy she has found the immediate onset of the menopause at 45 very difficult to deal with," they explained, "She discussed this during the This Morning appearance which has had a very positive response from other women who recognise the situation she finds herself in. It's sad that a small minority of people choose to see something negative in this appearance but she will continue to be open and honest on the subject and thanks all the well wishers for their support which far outweighs the odd mean spirited comment."

It's unfortunate that Kensit's appearance was judged on style rather than content as her autobiography contains enough material for an exploitative mini-series on the girl from an East End crime background "like something out of The Sopranos" growing up to have liaisons with two of the world's most glamorous rock stars. OK, OK, with Jim Kerr and Liam Gallagher.

She spoke of her regret at the break-up of her marriages. "I have learnt so much from Jim and from Liam and I was looking for them to replace my mother's love and no man can do that," she said, before looking across at Schofield. "'Maybe you can Phillip." So maybe she was drunk after all . . .

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